If you want to know more about different types of existing movie genres, you will be astonished to learn that there are actually major film genres and their sub-genres. There are also known as “other categories, which nobody specifically discusses. Below is a list of the well-known and the main kinds of movie genres explained: 


This genre is literally branded by an intense film packed with action. Action-genre films are known by a lot of major activities and physical stunts, tremendous impact, and continuous high energy. Most of the scenes that re recurring in action movies contain destructive disasters such as floods and fires, mountaineering, daring escapes, fights, explosions, rescues, martial arts, races, battles, and extended chasing. An example of an action movie is the film Cuck


Comedy films’ ulterior purpose is to provide non-stop laughter from the viewers and audience. They are basically made to amuse and entertain people and to offer great enjoyment. This genre shows a story that utilizes a series of funny circumstances, comical events, which are all tied up to elicit laughter from the viewers. 


This genre is also known as gangster films, which revolves around the criminals and gangsters’ sinister actions who typically show as ruthless hooligans, bank robbers, or underworld figures who murder their way through life, steal, and break the law. This is basically based on the view of real-life underground gangs, lawbreakers, murderers, or individuals who have their own struggles. 


This genre offers serious representations of stories on top of situations or life settings, wherein realistic characters are depicted to be conflicted with forces of nature, themselves, or others. A drama film usually focuses on the character’s fights or battle with their intrinsic emotional struggles and might have themes such as violence towards women, class divisions, and corruption of power, current issues, poverty, drug addiction, societal ills and so much more themes like such.  


Films, which are fantasy-based, are narratives about magic and supernatural forces that take the viewers to an imaginary world where anything can happen and possible. These types of films are according to the context of dreams, imaginations, and even a character’s hallucination that depicts elements of escapism, myth, wonder, magic and the extraordinary. Most of the usual characters you can see in fantasy-based movies are lesser gods, elves, gnomes, magicians, dwarves, angels, fairies, princesses, and princes.  

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