It can be an overwhelming task to hire a movie crew. You’ve got a lot of crucial positions to fill. How can you examine them? How can you ensure you hire professional ones? Where should you hire in the first place? 

You have probably heard a lot of stories about hiring an unprofessional crew who ruined projects and sets. However, you shouldn’t worry. You can easily look for the right crew and the right budget and start your project with these tips: 

How to Hire the Ideal Crew 

Your task becomes easier if you do things in the correct order. Thus, who should you look for first? Well, here are several tips in hiring the ideal production crew: 

  • The Writer and Director 

Before the budget is raised, producers get a director and writer involved in several cases. This includes short films.  

You should hire a director first if you do not have a director on your crew. Each creative decision should be checked and approved once the budget is raised.  

You will be stuck here if you do not hire a director. When it comes to knowing how to look for a film crew, a director will virtually always be a huge help.  

You should keep the information of every person stored whenever you are creating your list of potential directors. This will help you refer to it whenever you require one. 

  • Production Crew 

To keep your production on track, you might have to hire a bigger production crew as your team grows. This group of individuals usually helps a lot in your pre-production planning. Thus, you should hire them next after the director. 

At this stage, almost every smaller project takes on a hybrid unit production manager or line producer. On extremely small projects, the product also manages unit production manager and line producer tasks.  

You should always remember that the fewer individuals the job of the whole production crew falls to, the more chances that errors are to be made.  

  • Department Heads 

You should also look for department heads after you’ve got a director on board. The department heads are the individuals that will help and direct the rest of your film staff and actually help with a couple of the details of how to look for a film staff.  

Also, it is crucial to hire your department heads early enough. This will provide them enough time to get ready for the shoot. Cinematographers require time to work with the director.  

Art directors and production designers require time to rent, buy, or create props, design sets, and coordinate with the director on the overall design of your movie. 

  • The Entire Staff 

You can fill in the entire film staff positions that you’ll require for the project after your department heads and production crew are in place.  

You’ll require individuals for particular tasks, even on a small production. Thus, you shouldn’t try to burden a single person with a lot of work. If a single person has a lot of work to do, they’ll probably slip easily.